Collaborative Projects


Picabia and Buffet – An Avant-garde Affair.

This project was created by me and Leigha Nortier, as an assignment during Eng 395 – Avant-garde at Davidson College. Together we studied Francis Picabia and Gabrielle Buffet-Picabia, and produced a website to provide scholars an unique way to learn fundamental and accurate information about the couple. On the site you can find biographies and a timeline written and created by us. The programs we used for this project are WordPress and Knightlab – Timeline.

A Look at Satan in the Characters of “The Dark Knight”

This project was created by me and a group of four other students as a project for our class on Literary Satans at Davidson College. In this project we chose 6 characters and ranked them on a scale from 1-6 for three different categories. For this project, WordPress, Excel, and iMovie were used.